Zero Trust and Least-Privilege Access With Genian NAC

Sponsored by GENIANS

Zero-trust access is becoming a core part of holistic device and network security. Blocking all unauthorized devices and restricting access for authorized devices with segmentation for least-privilege access can greatly reduce your network risk — however, it’s not always as easy to implement as it sounds.
Complex network integrations can stall segmentation security efforts, leaving the network edge exposed. However, securing your network doesn’t have to be difficult.
Learn how Genian Network Access Control can help you deploy zero-trust principles in any network environment, without the need for expert personnel and regardless of vendor, while keeping the time your network is at risk to a minimum. Watch this demo to learn more.

In this DemoFriday, you will learn:

  • How to identify all IP-enabled nodes on the network
  • How to block unauthorized devices
  • How to restrict authorized devices with least-privilege access using segmentation