YourSurprise Counts on Instana to Ensure Uptime for Customers

To scale its operations as it continues to grow, YourSurprise is leaning on modern technology and infrastructure. This includes migrating its entire platform to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and beginning to leverage container and microservice technologies for applications. Today, more than 80% of the platform’s applications are now built and running using microservices and containers. This technology migration and modernization created a need for a better way to monitor application performance.
YourSurprise’s applications are a big part of customer experience and the ability to process and ship orders efficiently. When applications are built, they need to be pushed to production quickly. The company needed a solution with the ability to monitor its entire application infrastructure, including cloud-based microservices and containers, like those running GCP, and empower agile, quick software development. That’s where Instana’s observability platform came in.

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