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Report: Advocacy interventions deliver
measurable cost savings for employers

Discover how Accolade ‘ s Advocacy interventions deliver significant cost savings for employers, with analysis showing an average of $400 savings per member and over $3,600 for complex claims. Download our report for details on cost -effective employee care.

Accolade manages healthcare costs with proven results

Our latest report reveals how advocacy interventions can manage employer healthcare expenses, demonstrating an average of $400 savings per member and up to $3,600 for complex cases. With healthcare costs continuing to rise, Accolade Advocacy proves effective in curbing these expenses without compromising care quality.

Learn how Accolade ‘ s Physician-led Care Team reduces costs and enhances health outcomes, leading to a 55% drop in hospital readmissions and a 15% reduction in emergency room visits among engaged members. The report shows Accolade ‘ s strategy not only saves costs but also pioneers healthcare innovation, achieving an average of 4% annual savings for employers