FINANCE TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP. Using Process Reengineering and Digital Technology for Success



Using Process Reengineering and Digital Technology for Success

No matter the industry, product, or service provided, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Controllers in today’s mid-market organizations are dealing with a literal onslaught of new financial challenges previously assigned to larger, more complex organizations. The only option has become to step up or step aside, a decision no competitive organization worth its weight wants to have to consider.

Whether on the path to obtaining additional financing, preparing for M&A or an IPO, or simply retaining or gaining market advantage, the role of finance and accounting needs to embrace new processes and technology to accomplish any of these aspirational outcomes.

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  1. Why traditional financial accounting is broken
  2. The evolving expectations for accounting and finance leaders
  3. How to apply a finance transformation roadmap to update, streamline, and automate existing processes

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