2023 State of Tech in Biopharma Report

2023 State of Tech in Biopharma Report

As biopharma races toward delivering better medicines, faster, it’s adopting key enabling tech like cloud, artificial intelligence, and robotics to improve R&D productivity. For this report, we surveyed 300 biopharma experts — across R&D and IT — to understand usage, impact, and challenges biopharma faces in adopting this tech.

Respondent demographics included:

  • 59% of the respondents represented R&D (including data science), while 41% represented IT, digital, or informatics
  • 58% working in the industry for 7 or more years
  • 66% working at manager level or above
  • 55% employed by large companies (1,000+ individuals) while 45% employed by small companies (<1,000 individuals)
  • 75% based in the U.S., and 25% based in Europe

Read the full report for more findings on how biopharma is adopting enabling technology to
reach critical R&D milestones faster.

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