When to Buy a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution and How to Acquire Budget & Buy-In

In-house legal teams are often overworked and fighting against the clock to help the business close and secure contracts. As the beating heart of the organization, legal is also uniquely positioned to streamline collaboration and become a business enabler. This guide is designed to help you evaluate if a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution is right for overcoming your challenges and what to consider if it is.
Legal teams should not be seen as arbitrary. They should be seen as partners and business enablers. If they are overburdened, they can miss critical deadlines, lose revenue targets, and even fail to successfully close business-critical deals. Mitigating these risks falls on legal’s shoulders, and a CLM solution is one of the easiest ways to do so. But is a CLM solution right for your organization, right now?
Download this guide which walks you through:
  • A checklist for evaluating if you need to invest in a CLM solution
  • Tips for securing buy-in from sales, procurement, finance, and HR
  • An alternative to full-fledge CLM solutions you can use today


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