Transforming Government With an AI-Enabled Digital Workforce

Sixty-five percent of government employees feel burnt out at work, and half are considering leaving their jobs in the next year because of it, according to a recent survey of 800 government employees. Forty-three percent said too much work is the leading cause of burnout.
This workload overload has multiple sources: hiring is not keeping pace with turnover; employees are still grappling with productivity challenges associated with the move to remote and now hybrid work; some are overwhelmed by the rapid influx of data that they must analyze.
These problems will not be solved overnight, but agencies can strive to ensure that employees are working smarter, not harder. A digital workforce is one way to do that. Paul Dillahay, president and CEO of Empower AI, joins MeriTalk to discuss how an AI-empowered digital workforce can create efficiencies and enable employees to focus on high-value tasks, staving off burnout.
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