Zero Trust: The Master Key to Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust has emerged as an essential approach for organizing enterprise cybersecurity. Perimeter-based security can fail when it’s set up with high default trust levels that were once reasonable within controlled networks. Today, with edgeless enterprises spanning public and private clouds, work-from-anywhere scenarios, and complex supply chains a Zero Trust approach is essential for cyber-defense.
This paper explains device visibility within the context of Forrester’s ZTX model, which helps:
  • Apply network isolation, segmentation and security
  • Enable data categorization, isolation and encryption
  • Authenticate network users while securing resources
  • Protect workloads across public and private clouds
  • Automate and orchestrate across heterogeneous networks
  • Provide visibility and control to every device across an enterprise

Learn how a Zero Trust solution grounded in complete visibility acts on risks identified with each device, manages their security through segmentation and organizes through layers addressing policies, orchestration and enforcement.

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