The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Creative Cloud For Teams For SMBs

The past decade has brought a proliferation of digital creative applications with freemium pricing models targeted toward SMBs with modest budgets. Although these apps can appear attractive, businesses that use them can end up managing a fragmented toolset with hidden costs.
Now, a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe has quantified exactly how much businesses can save by adopting an integrated creative platform. The Total Economic Impact of Creative Cloud for Teams for SMBs reports that organizations that move from a patchwork of single apps to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams experience an ROI of 388% over three years because they can streamline their work environment, better predict licensing costs, and empower teams to connect and collaborate.
Read The Total Economic Impact of Creative Cloud for Teams for SMBs to learn how your creative team can save time and money, streamline your workflow, and collaborate better by using the all-in-one creative solution

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