On-Demand Webinar: Internal Controls in a Modern World

How you manage internal controls and oversight may have been turned upside down for you and your organization in the past couple of years with staff turnover, office location changes, or even a move to a fully remote workspace. What seemed important in 2019, while still important, may not work in a 2022 environment. Because of all this change in the work-world, internal controls are the best way to show continued stewardship to your current and future supporters.
Your organization’s size and where your people are working have a huge impact on how you can follow best practices. Your staff members may be working from home, flexing their times, or only in the office during specific days or times. How can you leverage other staff members, volunteers, and your board to ensure you are taking the right steps to protect your organization?
Watch as Melissa Rancour and Mary Aquino-Cooper of Blackbaud discuss internal controls and compliance in this new era in this on-demand webinar.
Length: One hour

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