Investing in Incident
2021 ESG E-Book

Identify best practices in breach readiness

Incident Response Plan

An incident response plan and retainer are critical to organizational security, but fewer than 50% of organizations have these procedures and SOPs in place.
ESG’s “An Ounce of Prevention: Investing in Incident Readiness” e-book examines the incident readiness market, reveals how far organizations have come in incident response planning and what requirements are still needed to combat data breach incidents and cybercriminals.

As you review this study, you’ll gain significant insight into:

  • The impact of preparation for a breach on confidence and maturity of response
  • Drivers and efficacy of incident readiness services purchased
  • Best practices in the incident response and breach readiness market
  • Preferences for different incident response services according to various market segments
View ESG’s study now to get your organization on track with an incident response plan, and SOP and best-practice steps, to instill confidence in your cybersecurity defenses.

Incident readiness study

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