Infotech SIEM Emotional Footprint Report

Infotech SIEM Emotional Footprint Report:
Splunk Enterprise Security Is a Leader in Customer Experience

For most security teams, staying ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape can feel like an impossible task. This is why security incident and event management (SIEM) software is a critical part of an organization’s security ecosystem. A robust SIEM solution can collect and analyze data from multiple systems, zeroing in on security threats and mitigating any potential damage in the event of an attack.
Fortunately, Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) does all this and more, by delivering an end-to-end view of organizations’ security postures — including flexible investigations, unmatched performance and the most flexible deployment options offered across cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment models.
Read on for more insights in the report Splunk Delivers a World-Class User Experience, including how we can help:

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