How worlds top organizations test


With every business becoming a digital enterprise, the ability to rapidly release reliable applications is now a core strategic advantage. Are Fortune 500 and equivalent organizations prepared for the digital race ahead? The answer may lie in their software testing process, which can be either a curse or catalyst to speedy innovation.

Continuous Testing enables software to be released 10x faster than traditional testing allows. Yet, its adoption is limited – particularly among large enterprise organizations. 

This first-of-its-kind report sheds light on how industry leaders test the software that their business (and the world) relies on.

Read this benchmark report to learn:

      • How leaders and laggards differ on key software testing and quality metrics
      • Where most organizations stand in terms of CI/CD integration, test environment strategy, and other key process elements 
      • What test design, automation, management, and reporting approaches are trending now 
      • Organizations’ top priorities for improving their testing over the next 6 months

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