How to advance your Zero Trust Architecture strategy with secure APIs

With each passing week, the need for government agencies to progress their cybersecurity strategy increases. Governments are moving closer and closer to achieving a Zero Trust Architecture strategy to ensure access to data is constantly being validated. Where are agencies on this path? What is the current state of government cybersecurity? How can each connection of data be monitored and secured?

Check out this panel discussion on these and other critical questions about Zero Trust Architecture and the cybersecurity imperative as we discuss:

  • The key tenets of a Zero Trust Architecture
  • Where agencies are on their journey toward building a Zero Trust Architecture
  • What challenges are ahead in securing your data
  • The role of securing APIs in your cybersecurity strategy
Presented by:

Shad Imam, Senior Director, Public Sector Solutions Engineering, MuleSoft
Mia Jordan, Digital Transformation Executive, Salesforce
Matt Goodrich, Principal Solution Engineer, Security Specialist, Salesforce
Matt Mclarty, VP, Digital Transformation Office, MuleSoft

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