How Revenue Innovators Commit with Confidence

How Revenue Innovators Commit with Confidence: On-Demand Webinar

Sales forecasting is a high-risk game of chance. When we “forecast,” we rely on disparate data and gut instincts to inform our predictions of the future. Millions of dollars can be made or lost by an organization’s ability to hit revenue targets predictably. The winners get promoted and celebrated for guessing their numbers correctly. But forecasting isn’t a talent. It’s a coping mechanism.

Want to learn what Revenue Innovators are doing about it? Watch a lively discussion about how to bring science to the “art” of forecasting so you can commit with confidence.

We’ll answer questions like:

      • What drives an accurate forecast? Is it even possible?
      • How do I know whether I can trust my sales data?
      • What does the next generation of forecasting look like?
      • How do Revenue Innovators make the right decisions without forecasting?


Harish Mohan, SVP of Revenue Excellence and Operations @ Outreach

Adam Cuzzort, Director of Product Management @ Outreach

On-Demand Webinar

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