How New York's Largest Credit Union Leveraged Expert ATM Management to Transform Member Experience

Aiming to improve member satisfaction through ATM uptime, Bethpage Federal Credit Union quickly realized the challenges of having a mixed fleet of hardware and vendors. This case study explores how they overcame those obstacles to reach 99.2% ATM uptime while achieving predictable costs across their fleet.

As one of the country’s largest credit unions, Bethpage has one of the largest ATM portfolios, spanning over 140 ATMs. When Bethpage identified ATM uptime as a key metric to improve member satisfaction, they began looking for a highly reliable solution that could homogenize and fully update their ATM fleet with consistent features, maintain extraordinary uptime, and provide predictable costs. The ideal solution also needed to provide Bethpage members with a modern, intuitive user experience.

Download this case study and discover how Bethpage achieved this and more. When they teamed up with outsourcing partner ATM Consultants, they were able to:

  • Maintain an exceptional 99.2% ATM uptime across their fleet.
  • Realize a 50% reduction in negative feedback on their ATM channel in year one.
  • Control costs predictably by forecasting hardware failures based on data.
  • Reduce claims workload on Bethpage’s branch and office staff.

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