How Buyer Sentiment Data Can Improve Your Team’s Performance

The terms ‘buying behavior’ or ‘buying signals’ refer to actions prospects take when completing a purchase. These behaviors often drive any sales process forward and more specifically, infer how your sales reps should sell. Particular actions, such as clicks, opens and reply rates, indicate the ‘how’, the ‘what’, and the ‘when’ of buyers wanting to buy.

The question is — can these activities or ‘vanity metrics’ accurately show a buyers’ emotion or sentiment?

Does opening an email truly indicate how the prospect felt about that email? Or, how the potential buyer now feels about the company? Do these actions tell your sales reps whether the prospect will truly buy? Or, whether their sales efforts are working for that particular buyer?

In short, the answer is no. It is not effective to simply know when prospective buyers respond. As your sales reps eagerly look forward, best practice shows it is key to take a step back and realign on buying behavior, more specifically, buyer sentiment— the missing piece to many sales teams’ engagement playbook.

Download to view the full infographic to see how.

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