Enabling 5G and DSRC V2X in Autonomous Driving Vehicles

State-of-the-Art Multi-Wireless Standard Devices Employ Individual Modules for different technologies.

It is evident that vehicular communication is an essential enabler for
achieving higher levels of automated driving. However, for a long period, it remained under investigation among the automotive industry players whether the required wireless access should rely on cellular access technology (also known as C-V2X) or on direct access technology (known as DSRC). Here, we demonstrate that future use cases of autonomous driving will require both technologies to be used in coordination or cooperation. State-of-the-art multi-wireless standard devices employ individual modules for different technologies. Therefore, in the absence of any inter-wireless standard interface, realization of such a cooperative system appears to be difficult. We present a recently released single-chip solution for the implementation of a dual-band, dual-wireless standard vehicular communication system. Using the single chip, one can transmit and receive concurrently in multiple bands. While this device is not automotive qualified, the technology used could be leveraged to support automotive manufacturers by providing product differentiation and enhanced control for improved quality of service.

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