Charting Cloud-Native 5G Core Deployment at Scale

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To achieve the scalability and flexibility required by leading operators, the 5G core is widely expected to be a cloud-native deployment.

As 5G deployment continues to accelerate, where organizations are in with their 5G journey continues to be a key reagent in what services telecoms can expect to offer, how organizations will use them, and what the next steps are in the worldwide journey to 5G.
This 2021 Heavy Reading Cloud Native 5G Core Operator Survey examines the runway for deployment of cloud-native 5G core on a mass-market scale.
What You’ll Learn
  • Anticipated timelines for the deployment of cloud-native 5G core networks
  • The potential impact of 5G core networks on consumer and enterprise services
  • Managing the process of integration with existing 4G core networks
Key Findings
  • How cloud-native 5G core deployments are gaining momentum
  • What kind of benefits organizations are anticipating 5G to provide to their clients
  • Why organizations are deploying 5G
  • How the journey to 5G is looking for organizations
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