Beat Advanced Bots with Intelligent Challenge-Response

Bot-driven attacks have been occurring every day since the dawn of digital commerce, and today they are integral in helping bad actors launch attacks at scale. These attacks have continually become more sophisticated and bots become more advanced and able to mimic human behavior. Today, the bots used by attackers are able to defeat many of the legacy bot prevention solutions in place.
However, with a robust challenge-response solution in place, businesses can ensure they and their customers are protected from malicious automated attacks. Discover how to effectively stop not only malicious bots, but coordinated human attacks as well, all while having no impact to good users.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How advanced bots attack digital businesses and bypass defenses
  • The importance of accurate detection between bots and humans
  • How a state-of-the-art challenge-response mechanism can foil
    automated attacks

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