Automating for success

Why Infrastructure Automation is a Prerequisite for Asia’s Financial Institutions to Succeed Today and Tomorrow

Financial institutions (Fls) across APAC are adopting modern, distributed IT architectures, along with Agile and DevOps practices in response to widespread disruptions caused by rapid changes in competition, demand, technology, and regulations. Such a response, however, is also dramatically increasing the operational complexity of Fls’ infrastructure environments. Fls increasingly complicated IT architectures and environments require continuous updates at the application level, the data level, and the infrastructure level and a multitude of infrastructure configurations at any point in time.

If Fls want to streamline their operations and seamlessly integrate these new and existing IT resources into an optimized, manageable environment, infrastructure automation is a prerequisite. By adopting infrastructure automation and applying Agile and DevOps practices at the infrastructure level, Fis ensure that infrastructure changes can be made efficiently and that infrastructure configurations can be spun up quickly, are free of errors, are able to be redeployed, and can be rolled back in case of problems

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