2021 Global CIO Report

How to transform the way teams work to improve collaboration and drive better business outcomes.

2020 was a year like no other. Organizations faced an urgent need to rapidly pivot their go-to-market strategies and accelerate their digital transformation. Consumer and employee demand for new digital capabilities and more connected experiences radically impacted the way organizations deliver IT services. However, this pressure shows no sign of abating. Already stretched IT teams need to find new ways to collaborate with the wider business if they want to keep up and deliver the outcomes that are expected in 2021.

This report examines the challenges IT departments face as they work to accelerate digital innovation and keep up with the demands of the business, its employees, and customers. These findings highlight how a platform-based approach to multicloud observability, rooted in a common data model, can unite teams around a single source of truth and drive better outcomes for the business.

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